Vaccination acts by age group vaccination

Source: Informe de dosis administradas y registradas al 9 de Julio

Vaccination acts by age range

Source: Informe de dosis administradas y registradas al 9 de Julio

History of vaccination acts

Vaccine arrival record

Vaccination plan against COVID-19

Date           Group           Description
2/27/21 Essential Staff Vaccination staff.
3/1/21 Essential Staff Under 60 years of age in activity. Police, firefighters, military, education workers and INAU.
3/8/21 50 to 70 years First stage from 55 to 59 years, later range from 50 to 70 years in five border cities. It ends by extending it to everyone in the 50 to 70 age group throughout the country.
3/12/21 Vulnerable Persons deprived of liberty and staff of detention facilities (it began in women’s facilities and INISA).
3/15/21 Health Personnel Prioritized health personnel (ICC and related services, test personnel, vaccinators, hemodialysis centers, intra and extra hospital door and emergency services).
3/16/21 Vulnerable Home vaccination of people who live and work in residential areas (ELEPEM).
3/22/21 Health Personnel All health personnel in the healthcare area (dentists, psychologists, physiotherapists and clinics of various specialties). Administrative health personnel at the end of the previous stage.
3/22/21 Vulnerable Continuation of home vaccination of people who live and work in residential areas (ELEPEM).
3/22/21 Over 80 years Vaccination for people over 80 years of age.
3/29/21 18 to 70 years General public between 18 to 70 years old.
4/10/21 71 to 79 years Vaccination of people in the range of 71 to 79 years.
4/16/21 Vulnerable People over 18 years of age with Down Syndrome in Montevideo, April 16 and 17. +info
4/17/21 Locality at Risk Vaccination of people over 60 years of age with 48,000 doses of Oxford / Astrazeneca vaccines in Artigas, Rivera, Cerro Largo, Rocha, Río Negro, Canelones, Salto and Paysandú. +info
4/20/21 Vulnerable From April 20 to 23. Vaccination of people between the ages of 18 and 70 who have undergone some type of heart surgery with the Coronavac vaccine from Sinovac. +info
5/5/21 31 to 70 years As of 05/05, the allocation of quotas for vaccination against covid-19 will begin to be issued to 500 thousand people aged between 31 and 70 years waiting for the Coronavac vaccine. Start vaccination 05/10 +info
5/12/21 General Start Phase IV with a safety and effectiveness study. +info
5/12/21 Vulnerable Vaccination against COVID-19 is recommended for the group of pregnant women. +info
5/18/21 Vulnerable As of 05/18, the allocation of quotas for vaccination against covid-19 will begin to be issued to prioritized groups: pregnant women, people with diabetes, obesity and cancer patients undergoing treatment. +info
5/24/21 Locality at Risk From 05/24 the People to People campaign will begin. It will be carried out through mobile vaccination to 150,000 people in locations far from departmental capitals and in small towns. +info
5/27/21 18 to 30 years As of Thursday, May 27, 312,000 new quotas are being assigned for vaccination against covid-19, with the vaccine from the Sinovac laboratory. +info
3/6/21 12 to 17 years The population between 12 and 17 years of age is entitled to vaccination. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), it is a population of 289,650 people who will join the immunization plan against Covid-19. + info


Comunicado sobre Plan de Vacunación contra COVID-19

Priorización y Escalonamiento de la Vacunación COVID-19

Estrategia de vacunación para personas con Comorbilidades

Información para el público en general actualizado al 26 de mayo de 2021 (Comisión Nacional Asesora de Vacunas y Grupo ad hoc)

Información sobre las vacunas disponibles en Uruguay - Actualizado al 26 de mayo de 2021

Estudio de efectividad de vacunación anti SARS-CoV-2 en Uruguay al 8 de junio de 2021


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